Barbie™ The Movie x Bumpboxx Microboom Limited Edition

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Product Description

Say “Hi” to the Barbie™ The Movie x Bumpboxx Microboom. Join in on the spirit of fun and fashion, because your playlist deserves it.

The Bumpboxx MicroBoom is a portable Bluetooth Speaker that seamlessly blends fashion & technology. Weighing in at only 3.7 ounces & smaller than a smart phone & much louder. The MicroBoom has the option to be worn on a necklace for hands free use. Connect to your bluetooth or use the SD card slot. You can Sync two units wirelessly in TWS mode giving you a left & right channel.

Length: 5.29" | Width: 3.84" | Height: 2.33" Weight: 10.21 oz.