Bumpboxx Dealer / Distributor Program

"The HOTTEST product on the PLANET"

Endorsed by over 300 A list celebrities and athletes

Dealer Application -
Bumpboxx is a leading manufacturer of Nostalgic/Retro Audio products. We currently have dealer opportunities in your area.

Here are a few of our requirements
- Retail Store Front, Warehouse Sales or Festival/Concert Sales Environment
- No eBay or any other internet auction sites
- You must have a phone number that we can use on our dealer search that will allow retail customers to call with questions and concerns.
- Minimum of 25-piece order
- We ship worldwide every business day.
- Dealer ordering with retail and dealer price visible.
- Frequent product additions with email updates.
- We protect our dealers with MAP pricing and do not allow low balling with our products. You can rest assured everyone in our system is adhering to strict pricing with no price wars!


Dealer / Distributor Application

We'll get back to you within one business day