Wow! That’s huge!

Yup. And it’s loud as hell too.

What we call work.

Bumpboxx LLC. providing consumers the latest in specialized personal home & outdoor audio equipment, perfect for any event or just chillin at home listening to some cool vibes. We are providing the world Old School Swagger with a new school approach using the greatest in technology to provide you a quality sound. Here is little more about us and why we do what we do & the dudes that have been working so hard to bring our product line to the public.

  • Bumpboxx the future of the urban audio lifestyle, a line of products second to none. We are bringing the best in personal Audio Equipment to you!
  • Headquartered In California
  • We have been going at this 1 Year & Some Change, but been in the LAB creating more products to tickle your ear drums!
  • We have finally set-up our online store as a first of many products in the Bumpboxx line is about to come to market.
  • Our Team is comprised of the 5 following Characters:
    • Rob Owens; Chief Executive Officer & Founder
    • David Southern; Vice President of Sales & Founder
    • Erik Gonzalez; Managing Partner & Founder
    • Glenn Fedale; Managing Partner & Founder
    • Allen Fedale; Media Guru & Marketing Partner

Bumpboxx LLC.
Stockton, CA 94206